In the News: Toyota Wishes Bodine Aluminum Happy Birthday

You might never have heard of Bodine Aluminum before. But, they have played a critical behind-the-scenes role in Toyota's success here in North America. Originally founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1912 by Mr. Jesse R. Bodine, Bodine Aluminum has deep automotive-industry roots. In fact, during its youth, the company focused primarily on manufacturing patterns for diverse automotive clientele. The company quickly expanded and began also creating parts for the military and aircraft industry. Before Bodine knew it, it was working in other industry verticals as well.

In 1990, Toyota, seeing a great ally in Bodine Aluminum, decided to buy the company. Since, the fully-owned Toyota subsidiary has continued to work in many different industries, including automotive. Among the many pieces they create for Toyota parts are engine brackets, carrier covers, cylinder heads and automatic transmission components.

According to honorary TMC chairman, Dr. Schoichiro Toyoda, Toyota owes their great North-American success to Bodine.  Among the many things Toyoda and Toyota value about Bodine Aluminum is its diverse manufacturing knowledge, premium-quality products and state-of-the-art production methods.

Now that's it's 2012, Toyota and Smart Toyota of Quad Cities  extend our best birthday wishes to Bodine Aluminum, which is celebrating a lofty 100 years by donating a new Toyota Tundra to both the Disabled Athlete Sports Association in St. Charles, Missouri and Earthwise Industries in Troy, Missouri.  It's hard to think where Toyota might be without its engineering savvy and support.

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