Toyota Plans to Introduce 21 New Hybrids in 3 Years!

Toyota already has a total of seven hybrid and electric cars to its name. Given many other automakers have only one, maybe three; it's something we're very proud of… Not hot headed or anything, just enjoying the feeling that comes with doing the right thing. However, in watching consumers struggle with volatile gas prices, Toyota believes it can do even better… It wants to do better.

To start, the Japanese automaker is promising 21 new hybrids as well as an EV and a fuel cell, by 2015. Talk about answering consumer demand! While we can't say for sure what Toyota competitors are planning over the course of the next three years, we're fairly confident this expansion/diversification will not only satisfy consumers but blow rivaling brands out of the water.

If you're curious to learn more about Toyota's imminent plans to color its new car lineup a darker shade of green, be sure to stay tuned. And remember, if you want ultimate fuel economy, you don't have to wait. Among Toyota's new lineup, available now at Smart Toyota of Quad Cities, are:

5 Hybrids

  • 3rd Gen Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Priuc c
  • Toyota Prius v
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid

1 Plug-In Hybrid

  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

1 Electric Vehicle

  • Toyota RAV4 EV

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