Toyota Could Being Production of The Prius in the US

Toyota is planning a redesign on its most praised hybrid, the Prius, and with that might also come a major move in the products production. A physical move that is. Toyota is considering moving production of its hybrid icon to right here in the United States.

The Toyota Prius is currently assembled in Japan, where the automaker has strong ties to many of its current hybrid parts suppliers. This is relationship status is one of the main reasons Toyota hasn't transitioned production of its hybrid to the US yet. So what exactly has prompted Toyota to change their mind? Increased demand. Specifically, Toyota estimates that if demand continues at it's current rate the demand for the Prius could increase to 200,000 vehicles a year by 2015.

Having to import that volume of vehicles could prove to be quite costly for Toyota, especially considering the value of the yen spent in production. This means Toyota must strongly consider which stateside production facilities and parts suppliers could be used to produce the Prius in the states.

As for other Toyota Prius models? The Toyota Prius v, Prius c, and Prius Plug-In? These models were not specifically mentioned in the relocation strategy, however it could not be surprising if their production was moved to North America as well. After all, the 60,859 Prius models sold in the United States so far this year includes the three aforementioned models as well as the original.

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