Toyota And Google Team Up to Help A Blind Man Drive

Google recently shot a video in which a man named Steve went out for a drive in his Toyota Prius. In the video, Steve goes out for lunch, picks up his dry cleaning, and simply enjoys having the windows down. Sound a little boring? We forgot to mention that Steve Mahan is blind, and that the Prius he's behind the wheel of is equipped with Google's new self-driving car system.

Google recently developed the new technological marvel, and they've already clocked an amazing 200,000 miles of accident-free driving on their small test fleet of six Toyota Prius models. And now to prove literally anyone can use the system, they've allowed a man who'd otherwise not be allowed behind the wheel to operate it.

As the video shows, the test was a huge success. Steve had literally no trouble commuting with the new system doing all the work. His Toyota Prius navigated the streets, stopped at intersections, changed lanes appropriately, and even used its turn signal more than some fully capable drivers might. In other words, it's nearly perfect.

So what's stopping Google from selling it to Toyota use in their lineup? Self-driving car systems aren't technically legal yet. Google had to film the video with the consent of the Morgan Hill Police Department. It's worth noting, however, that some states are working to pass state-level legislation that will legalize them.

For now, Smart Toyota of Quad Cities, located at 4618 Brady Street, asks that you stay tuned for more on this and other Toyota news. Of course, if you're more interested in taking a new Toyota for a test drive, simply contact us online or by phone at 563-391-4106 today.


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