Toyota Teams Up With BMW For the Greater Good

You might recall at the end of 2011, BMW and Toyota decided to come together and share come invaluable knowledge. Under the guidelines of the signed, sealed and delivered documents, BMW will gain hybrid acumen. And Toyota - a leg up in diesel power across the pond. Even if the two automakers are not direct competitors, this represents a HUGE milestone.

For enthusiasts who might have missed the momentous occasion when the two leviathans came together to sign their names to the win-win agreement: BMW will begin supplying select Euro-bound Toyotas with diesel powerplants, starting in just two years' time.

While at the time of the signing, BMW and Toyota hinted at more collaborations to come. None of us at Smart Toyota of Quad Cities thought such an ambiguous suggestion would come to fruition with any kind of immediacy.

Well, it has. Though, it's no less ambiguous.

Der Spiegel reports, "Both companies have been exploring other fields for cooperation and have now agreed several projects…"1

The only elaboration, the publication offers, if you can even call it that, is that BMW and Toyota will divulge details soon.

We don't know about you, but we are very excited to see exactly what "other fields" BMW and Toyota are planning to cooperate on beyond hybrid and diesel powerplants. Will it be a new safety technology? …Maybe some new green technology the industry has never seen before?

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