The Results Are In: Kelley Blue Book Names Toyota Best Resale Brand

I think we all can agree that snazzy, flashy cars are not only fun to look at, but fun to day dream about. However,  when it comes down to making a smart decision about what kind of car you need to fit your lifestyle, glitz and glam rarely win out. Automotive necessities such as comfort, reliability, and retained value often rank amongst the most widely considered factors. And in these categories, Toyota is a top performer.

Our professional team at Smart Toyota of Quad Cities have no problem placing our new Toyota vehicles in the snazzy and stylish categories. What's great about this though, is that Toyota doesn't mess around with quality of the vehicles.  How can we prove this to our readers? Well, let's reference the automaker's most recent award.

Because the automaker has proven their loyalty to providing quality products over and over again, Toyota has been named Best Resale Value Brand overall by the revered auto reviewers at Kelley Blue Baook. This is no surprise to us and all over our loyal Toyota drivers. Heck, this is why they are committed to driving Toyota. Toyota vehicles are built to last.

Despite a few challenging years for the Japanese automaker, Eric Ibara, Director of Residual Consulting for Kelley Blue Book, notes that "Toyota bounced back in 2012 to prove it hadn't lost its competitive spirit."1

To get some hands on experience with these successfully reliable and stylish Toyota vehicles, head down to Smart Toyota of Quad Cities today and take a few test-drives. And of course, for all Toyota news subscribe to our blog!


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