Toyota Promotes Environmental Responsibility In Hollywood

What do television shows, The Good Wife, Nurse Jackie, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Biggest Loser and Futurama have in common? How about movies like Yogi Bear, Disneynature African Cats, and The Other Guys? Smart Toyota of Quad Cities understands if you're a little confused, so we'll just give you the answer. They were all featured at the 21st annual Environmental Media Awards, which Toyota is the presenting sponsor of.

The awards show is unlike any other in Hollywood, as it focuses on the positive impact that various television shows and movies can have on the environmental conscience of our society today. Seeing as how Toyota is the industry leader in creating new green and sustainable vehicles, it only makes sense that they would sponsor such an event.

"It's inspiring to see how EMA links the power of celebrity and the influence of entertainment to environmental awareness," said Dian Ogilvie, Senior VP & Secretary of Toyota Motor North America. "We congratulate the nominees and special honorees, and we thank you for continuing to convey environmental messages and actions in creative and influential ways."1

Smart Toyota of Quad Cities should also note that the Japanese automaker's reach doesn't end at merely being a sponsor of the event. Toyota serves on the Environmental Media Association's corporate board as well, ensuring that the event stays true to its message each year.

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