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Toyota Impact Grant

Toyota has partnered with the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas to gift a lucky group of establishments a $1 million Impact Grant.  There are up to 3,000 homeless women in Collin County, and many of them sadly have young children. Meanwhile, the greater area is blossoming with new housing developments and a multitude of large companies settling in. This grant will restore balance to the community while creating a self-sustaining independence for the people in need.

The winners group includes these community initiatives; Agape Resource and Assistance Center, Family Promise of Collin County, Hope’s Door New Beginning Center, and Shiloh Place of McKinney.

The grant initiative includes efforts to provide safe and stable housing, assist with reliable and affordable transportation, facilitate childcare and youth development, and improve the less endowed peoples ability to cultivate their own success through education and training.

Collin County Mobility Collaborative was selected from more than 40 applications, representing approximately 150 nonprofit, academic, and entrepreneur institutions.

“Despite the rapid growth of Collin County, there are many women and children in need,” said Janet Collinsworth, founder & executive director, Agape Resource and Assistance Center. “Our approach taps into the strengths of each of our organizations, providing a holistic approach that addresses housing, transportation, childcare, education and support services.  Through this effort our hope is not only to empower these women, but also to create a model of collaboration with a program that can be replicated.”

The grant is a joint initiative between Toyota Motor North America and Toyota Financial Services, administered in partnership with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, and provides funds over a two-year period. We wish the homeless of Collin County have the best of luck, and hope to see much growth and progress in the coming years.
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Goodbye Scion iM, Hello Toyota Corolla iM!

With the unfortunate (but relatively foreseen) death of the Scion brand, Toyota has taken the viable contenders from the lineup under its wing and has converted them into Toyota cars. The Scion FR-S becomes the Toyota 86, the Scion iA becomes the Toyota Yaris iA, and the iM becomes the Toyota Corolla iM. The iM in particular has been bestowed some really choice enhancements that greatly enhance the appeal. The Toyota Corolla iM weighs less and has better handling, is much safer, and offers a lot more connectivity than the previous rendition.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla iM comes in a single, well-equipped model, and comes with a surprisingly hefty amount of standard features for the class. The iM offers many small item bins and storage areas throughout its cabin, premium quality sound from the Corolla iM’s Pioneer stereo, and user-friendly controls for audio, climate control, and standard feature navigation. On top of these features and a lengthy list of standard convenience features, Toyota adds Toyota Safety Sense C, which includes pre-collision braking, lane departure warning, and automatic high beams. The inclusion of this safety gear in every Corolla iM is impressive, especially considering the economy class starting price of $18,750.

The iM is powered by a seven-speed automatic synergy transmission paired to a four-cylinder 1.8 L engine produces 137 horsepower and offers electrifying acceleration. More still, this combination makes for seamless handling and gets 36 mpg on the highway. There are two drive modes, Eco and Sport, which can supplement even better fuel economy or improved power.

Overall, Toyota has nicely flipped the Scion iM into a very attractive front-wheel-drive car that has above-average performance and impressive fuel economy. This would be an excellent car for anyone looking for withstanding practicality and reliable performance. Interested in seeing the new iM? Check out our inventory here or schedule a test drive with us!
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Toyotas Celica

The Toyota Celica is a sports car that was produced by Toyota from 1970 to 2006. The Celicas name was derived from the Latin word coeliac, meaning “heavenly”, or “celestial”. The car was a move by Toyota to become more integrated with the American market, which at the time was running rampant with muscle cars and high gas prices. An economical Japanese muscle car was an apt contestant; Toyota just needed a thoughtful design that would appeal to Americans.

The Celica evidently took inspiration from Fords Mustang- perceivably the reigning champ of American muscle cars in the 70’s. After being denied a partnership with Ford, Toyota analyzed what about the Mustang was so well liked and made a sports car of their own in that image.

The second generation of the Celica was the most striking and memorable of the various alterations through the years. 1977 gave the Celica the option of an incredibly slick lift-back shape, that was again similar to Fords Mustang, but was fitting enough on the Celica to still be really cool. This generation was also bestowed with an informative gauge cluster, a blacked out grille, a prominent hood and an aesthetic pose.

The Celica was a fun, sporty car that appealed to young buyers in the mid-’70s, but is quite a rarity to see one these days. Interestingly enough, if you happen to find one for sale, it will likely be hilariously underpriced. Although the powertrain is simple and withstanding, the bodies are prone to rust and the sheet metal for them isn’t available. Many of the parts are now becoming more and more scarce as well. Because of this, it would be extremely wise to buy one of these with original mechanicals and a refurbished exterior. Alas what you will likely find out there, if anything, would be a modified shell of a Celica.

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Toyota Corolla's 50th Anniversary

The Toyota Corolla is a bona fide family car- having offered superior reliability and economy since its release, there’s good reason for it to be passed down from one generation to the next. To be specific, the Corolla has been a part of some families for 11 generations, and has officially been sold for half a century.

More than 43 million Corollas have been sold over the last 50 years, earning its outstanding status as the worlds best-selling car of all time. In order to celebrate this momentous achievement, Toyota has just launched the Corolla 50th Anniversary campaign- a year-long effort to showcase the affect that the Corolla has had through its numerous years of production.

Actresses Gina Rodriguez and Hannah Simone tell their personal stories and adventures and encourage other Corolla drivers to do the same using the hashtag #Corolla50. These charming anecdotes can be found alongside the rest of the Anniversary campaigns at The campaign site offers the chance to participate in sweepstakes with the opportunity to win a 2017 Corolla, and you can also see all of the unique content generated by Corolla owners through the hashtag.

After 50 years of gleefully nesting at the top of the car market, Toyota will be rolling out a 50th Anniversary Special Edition package that offers a generous parade of features to give the love back. This celebratory package will include custom wheels, a 7-inch High-Res Touch-Screen, shimmering LED headlamps, a Smart Key system with push button start, a black interior with exclusive Black Cherry accents and a few 50thAnniversary badges to ice the cake.

Only 8,000 of the Special Edition Corollas will be sold in the U.S., and we’re lucky enough to have one here at Smart Toyota. Come see the Special Edition or quickly schedule a test drive for yourself here at our website!
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Millennials Personal Concept- the FT-4X

Toyota released a new 4WD crossover concept at the New York Auto Show the other day that received mixed reception. The reception of the vehicle may have been more neutral or even resoundingly better had it not been for the cringe-inducing annotations directed towards millennials. Toyota conducted research on the outdoor habits of Generation Y aged professionals and concluded that they enjoy impromptu excursions that involve no planning and normally dont last too long. These results couldn’t be more ambiguous, but they certainly sound valid. So, they get a pass.

Forgetting the disconcerting marketing that accompany the vehicle, Toyota genuinely created something commendably unique and worthwhile here. Taking a look at the side, you can clearly see the body was designed in ‘X’s, and is abound in bulky geometric angles that emanate a rugged appeal. Contrary to the FT-4X’s rough design; the suspension and powertrain would be less hardy than one might anticipate, as this is decidedly a ‘casual-core’ oriented vehicle over a performance vehicle.

The rear bumper has two tie-down loops, as does the front. The roof is flat, and sports four additional tie downs and an electrical outlet at each corner. The rear is where the FT-4X starts to satiate our outdoorsy expectations.  The large, rear encompassing hatch opens itself both horizontally and vertically, featuring a nifty handle that rotates to select the preferred mode of opening. Inside the hatch are two boxes- a cold box for perishable foods and a warm box for things like blankets and wet gloves.

The inside offers a useful layout, where everything you see likely serves a secondary purpose. Theres a mounted light that detaches and works as a flashlight and the dashboard detaches to be used as a boombox. All compartments are color coded based on whether they are lidded or open; hence the water bottle door handles are blue and the waterproof, mesh compartments are all orange. The best hidden gadget in the FT-4X cabin is within the armrest- a North Face sleeping bag!

The convenience and neatness of the FT-4X could easily be utilized and enjoyed by anyone who takes part in impromptu camping trips or outdoor escapades of the sort. Being able to settle into your vehicle after work and ask yourself whether youre going home or on an outdoor excursion would be quite emancipating! Fingers crossed that the FT-4X makes it to production! 
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The All New Camry

The Toyota Camry is all new for 2018. The lower, sleeker, and technologically advanced Camry doesn’t come without a price though. In order to pull off a complete redesign of the Camry as well as other vehicles in its lineup, Toyota will be employing its largest manufacturing plant investment in American history. Toyota will be spending $1.3 billion on upgrades to its core plant in Georgetown, Kentucky. A majority of the investment is in fact geared for the new Camry, and the remainder will be used to update equipment that can evolve production as a whole.

The exterior design of past Camrys has mostly been endearingly coined as ‘vanilla’ or less endearingly described as flat out bland. It may not have been the most exciting design produced by Toyota, but it still retained strong sales due to the cars significant efficiency and value. Alas, the compromise between style and adeptness is coming to a close as even the most practical vehicles are getting more and more striking and aesthetic. The Camry has been bestowed an expressive fascia with a prominent grille that’s sure to be noticed, as well as a finely detailed cabin with much improved comfort and usability.

The new dashboard evolves from a standard ‘T’ shape into more of a sweeping design inspired by the coziness and warmth of home furnishings. Former monotone themes have been upgraded into mixed hues and tones that offer more visual depth and contrast. The ergonomics of the console have also been improved. The 2018 Camry will be one of the first midsized sedans to feature a heads up display- as well as two other interlinked next-generation display screens with varying functions.

Also new for the Camry is the 3.5 L V6 paired to the new eight speed transmission- expected to get best in class fuel economy and better power and torque than the last generation. All new Camrys will additionally receive Toyotas Safety Sense suite that includes pre-collision warning, pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, and automatic high beams. The Camry retains adaptive cruise control and the backup camera.

Toyota put the cards down this year with a whopping investment and an infallible new ringer in the lineup.  Interested in a test drive? Visit our site here to set it up or receive additional information/updates on the Toyotas brand new Camry.
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2018 Toyota CH-R

Toyotas upcoming subcompact hatchback, the coupe high-rider (C-HR), has a novel exterior design that makes one wonder what its purpose is. Not that its incoherent, its just so unlike any of the status quo body styles- in a good way. Its unique expression is a refreshing step in a new direction for Toyota that’s expected to appeal greatly to a vast demographic.

Toyotas global designers expounded on an interesting theme that works brilliantly for the high rider: “Distinctive Diamond”. Toyota wanted to borrow the exquisiteness and strength that the precious gem evokes. Designers translated these traits into physical form by dynamically sculpting a muscular and edgy body that still effortlessly emanates luxury. The name “coupe high-rider” is quite fitting in the sense that the body has meticulously defined curves of the likes that have never been seen on an SUV before.

The C-HR comes equipped with an economical 2.0 L 4 cylinder that produces 144 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque. Although this isn’t quite the recipe for a performance car, it is expected to get good gas mileage and may actually surprise you with its deft responsiveness. Deputy Chief Engineer Hiro Koba, a diehard racer at heart, made it his mission to take the C-HR to the famed Nurburgring to ensure that the ride would be as exhilarating as the body was uncanny.

The unique CH-R is expected to arrive at Toyota dealers this spring, so it could be seen on the streets any day now. If you’d like to receive updates on Toyotas new CH-R, visit our site here.
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The Toyota Mirai

Toyota has an innovative and clean vision for the future. This vision is slowly coming to fruition through Japans government-sponsored “hydrogen economy” initiative. Toyota in particular believes that fuel cells will take the place of all batteries to power zero emission cars from now to 2050. The Toyota Mirai, still just blossoming, is the conceptual catalyst of the hydrogen economy initiative and Toyotas vision of a cleaner future.

The Mirai, Toyotas sole zero emission vehicle, is now in its second year. After its initial release in 2016, the Mirai was awarded the 2016 World Green Car award at the New York International Auto Show.

“Just as Prius changed the world nearly 20 years ago, the hydrogen-powered Mirai is ready to make history. With a range of over 300 miles per tank, a refueling time of under five minutes, and emissions that consist only of water vapor, Mirai is leading the world toward a more sustainable future.” –Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager of the Toyota Division, at the NYIAS

The 2017 Mirai gets its power from a 114-kilowatt (153-horsepower) fuel cell under the front seats, which sends electricity to the electric motor that drives the front wheels. Some energy can also be supplied by the 1.6-kwh nickel-metal-hydride battery pack, which provides short boosts of energy when maximum power is needed, since fuel cells operate at a more steady output level. The electricity pushing the Mirai begins with the hydrogen tanks. Hydrogen travels from the tanks to the fuel cell stack where it undergoes a chemical reaction that encompasses the oxygen in the air. This creates the electricity, and the only byproduct from this process—water.

Safety is just as primary a concern as efficiency for the Mirai. The prototypes endured millions of miles of road testing and track evaluation, as well as rigorous in-house crash testing and more than 10,000 miles of extreme climate testing. The Mirai is also now equipped with Toyotas Star Safety System, a Pre-Collision system, Safety Connect, and Lane Departure Alert.

The Mirais sales are unfortunately limited to areas offering hydrogen refueling stations, hence they will only be available in the US within certain areas of California this year. You can visit our site here for updates/more information on the Toyota Mirai.

Thanks for reading!
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2017 Toyota Highlander

The ever proud Toyota Highlander has consistently been one of the top choices in the SUV market since its initial debut, sporting an excellent balance in design quality and performance, as well as strong reliability and a solid resale value. The Highlander has received numerous upgrades this year and happily remains one of the best family sized vehicles on the market.

The available all new 3.5 L V6 paired with the new and improved Direct Shift 8 speed automatic transmission offer the perfect blend of power and efficiency. The Highlander was awarded an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle rating, clocking it around 27 mpg; quite impressive for its size and power. This years available options are quite tempting, including a 5,000-lb towing capacity, the new Stop and Start Engine System (enhancing the already notable fuel efficiency), and Dynamic Torque-Control- All-Wheel Drive for optimum control on the road.

The new front fascias prominent gloss-black grille accurately portrays the strength and prowess lurking behind. The overall aggressive exterior design is done well and actually works for this years Highlander. The interior boasts silencing insulation and acoustic-type glass to reduce cabin noise. Theres room to comfortably seat eight, or to seat seven with optional second row captains chairs. The reclining third row seats fold down flat for optimal cargo space and easy loading.

The highlander offers the Star Safety System; a suite of six active safety controls including Enhanced
Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Anti-lock Brake System, Electric Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist, and Smart Stop Technology. The Advanced Airbag System has 8 airbags with Roll-sensing Side Curtain Airbags for all rows.

The Entune Multimedia Bundle integrates an 8-in. high-res touch screen display, navigation, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and a plethora of popular apps. Another cool feature in the Highlander is the three-zone automatic climate control, offering separate control panels for each cabin space.

The 2017 Toyota Highlander has a lot to offer this year. Combine the multitude of standard features with its reliable reputation and stellar value retention and it’s a stark victor for its class. Schedule a test drive or get updates on the new Highlander here.
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Toyotas 86

The Scion FR-S was a breath of fresh air for sports car for enthusiasts and low budget thrill seekers alike during its rousing arrival in 2013. The acclaimed FR-S may have lost its platform in Scions ill-fated descent, but just as beautiful foliage remerges from ash, the 2017 Toyota 86 surfaces in a renewed wake of performance and style.

The Toyota 86 is powered by a potent 2.0 L 4 cylinder engine. Its paired with a close ratio 6 speed transmission that features a manual shift mode and comes standard with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters for maximum driving control and pleasure. The engine has an impressive output of 205 horsepower and generates 156 lb-ft of torque. The sport tuned suspension features revised spring rates and updated shock components to produce sharp turns and sturdy grip- great for carving corners with speed and precision. The versatility of this retuned suspension shines while comfortably gliding through the city.

Toyotas new 86 happily retains its strong, sporty hereditary traits such as its short stature, elongated hood and short rear. The front fascia has been given a lift and has been granted a slightly more aggressive grille that enhances the aero dynamicity and curb control on sharp turns. The interior of the 86 is just as distinct. The dash is clean and forthright, the seats are deeply bolstered and sunken to keep you in place, and the entire cabin is laden in subtle, masculine accents that impart a dramatic yet tranquil environment.

If you’re looking for a thrilling driving experience in a car that’s easy to drive and affordable, the 86 would be a stellar mate for you. One test drive and you’ll be wrapped around her little steering wheel for good. Get more information- or schedule a test drive- at our site here.

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